Artists News First Oğlum and now they are Uysallar! Songul Öden was on the agenda with two series!

First Oğlum and now they are Uysallar! Songul Öden was on the agenda with two series!


Famous actress Songül Öden is spoken with the character of Zeynep in the TV series Oğlum (Son), which is broadcast on Show TV.

The eighth episode of “Oğlum”, which was broadcast on Wednesday evenings, has passed. The ratings are not as expected. Together with Songul Öden; Starring Canan Ergüder, Feyyaz Duman, Nihal Yalçın and Timur Acar, the series has a strong drama story.

The struggle of one family, which was destroyed by the death of their son, to survive, and the struggle of another family for the small majority held responsible for this death are reflected on the screen.

Songül Öden continues to give a very successful performance in this drama story where emotions are high. Although the fate of the series with low ratings is not known exactly, it continues to take place on the screen and impress the audience.

Songül Öden is also talked about with her new series Uysallar, which was broadcast on Netflix on March 30. The actress, who plays the character of Nil, takes the lead role with Öner Erkan… With the release of the 8-episode mini-series on Netflix, many comments were shared on social media.

In the series, which stands out with its criticisms from current life, Songül Öden also gives life to a woman who has not worked for years to look after her children, who has been imprisoned at home and now wants changes in her life, to be respected and to show that she is useful.

However, the difficulties of business life, environmental factors, how limited women are and how insecure they feel are conveyed in the drama.

Songül Öden also did justice to her role with the character Nil she portrayed and received great praise from social media.