Özge Yağız, who left Gökberk Demirci, posed daringly, but did not exceed her limit!
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29 September 2022 11:54


Özge Yağız, who left Gökberk Demirci, posed daringly, but did not exceed her limit!

Özge Yağız, who is among the most talked about social media by attracting attention with her acting in the action and drama series “Baba” (Father) broadcast on Show TV, was the guest of the MAG April cover. It was revealed that Özge Yağız, who starred in the Yemin (Oath) series for two seasons and fell in love with her friend whom she met on the set, recently decided to break up. The actress posed attractively for the magazine, but she also attracted attention by not exceeding her limits in terms of sexiness.

While the reason for this sudden separation decision from the couple, who was expected to get married, was wondered, Özge Yağız’s fans were also very surprised by these developments. Continuing on her way with her successful performance in the TV series Baba, the actress dazzled with her special poses in MAG magazine. She, who climbed the career ladder quickly, also attracted attention with her statements.

Explaining how her acting adventure started, the actress said, “I got my first job at the auditions I entered for the first time and went on the set the next day. It was a fast, exciting and passionate start. That’s how it continues. The hunger for learning is the biggest factor in improving yourself. Observing, listening, understanding…”

Özge Yağız also spoke about the character of Büşra, which she portrayed in the TV series “Baba”, and emphasized that the story of the character made her feel very emotional. Özge Yağız said, “When I first read Büşra’s story, I was so upset that I had to go to the bottom to integrate with her. Because she was alone, timid, she had given up. Emotions that people go down to such a bottom while living, these are the emotions that your psychology jumps to another dimension. I love Büşra with everything. My smart daughter is mine, I hope she will always be in places where her value will be appreciated.”

When asked about the character she felt closest to among the characters she played, the actress gave a political answer and said: “I can’t make a distinction. If I didn’t feel close to each and every one of them individually, it would be very difficult for me to walk on the paths I took.”

When asked if there is a character she would like to portray in the future, Özge Yağız said, “I used to think about this before, but now we are going through such rapid changes day by day that the only thing that appears in my mind in every field; It means being able to be excited and passionately committed to every job I am in and want to be in.”

Özge Yağız, who draws attention with her positive and smiling demeanor, explained the source of her energy with these words: “I guess it’s faith. I believe a lot in every emotion I feel, every thought that occurs in my head. I believe the right things eventually find us. So I put my energy into making sure I’m doing my best, letting everything else flow.”

The actress described herself as “Emotional, hardworking, natural” in three words.

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