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21 May 2022 13:18


For the new series signed by Ay Yapım, the audience has the leading roles in the TV series Kara Para Aşk!

Ay Yapım, which is preparing to come back to the new season with series like bombs, exploded its new bomb. Accordingly, this time the production company will adapt a Lebanese-made series. While the new series created great excitement, the audience has already announced the leading actors in their hearts.

Ay Yapım, one of Turkey’s most successful production companies, announced that it will adapt the Lebanese-made Al Hayba series for Turkey in the new season. The very interesting story of the series takes place in a small village on the Lebanese-Syrian border.

Al Hayba series consists of five seasons and 120 episodes. The story of the series develops around the family of Sheikh Al Jabal, who control all smuggling routes between Lebanon and Syria.

The family has an ongoing historical feud with the Saeed tribe, another powerful family in the village of Hayba. The two families are constantly fighting each other with internal conflicts. With never ending blood feuds and wounds that never heal, how will this family survive in this lawless village?

A first will be realized with the adaptation of the Al Hayba series. For the first time, an Arab series will be adapted to Turkey. The series created great excitement as soon as it was announced. And those who heard the news announced the names that went through their hearts for the lead actors of the series.

Tuba Büyüküstün and Engin Akyürek are the two names that are in the heart of the audience for the lead role in the new series. The performance as a couple of the two actors who played the leading roles in the TV series Kara Para Aşk (Black Money Love) years ago is still remembered. Viewers also think that the actor is suitable for this drama with his Middle Eastern looks.

Kara Para Aşk series, which met with the audience on ATV screens with its first episode on March 12, 2014, broadcast 54 episodes and made the final with its last episode on July 15, 2015. While Ahmet Katiksız was the director of the series signed by Ay Yapım, successful writers Sema Ergenekon and Eylem Canpolat also wrote the script.

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