Artists News For Tuvana Türkay, acting is her profession and music is her life!

For Tuvana Türkay, acting is her profession and music is her life!


Successful actress Tuvana Türkay was the guest of the Music Break with Metin Özülkü broadcast on Radio Trio.

Tuvana Türkay, who is said to have started acting at the age of 9, explained the importance of music for her life with the following words: “There are people who think I am a singer, my acting profession is my music life, can a person give up his life no matter what?”

The actress talked about her great love for music with these words and made various confessions in the program. The following words of the actress confused the minds:

”Oh I wrote the Love Song for him! This is a song I wrote while crying. My voice is still shaking as I tell it. This person’s place will always remain very special. “Who he is will be my secret until the day I die.”

Tuvana Türkay, who admitted that she did not have the same energy with her fellow actors, also stated that they got along very well with Asuman Dabak.

Tuvana Türkay made the following statements: “In the past, I could not keep up that energy with my actor friends who were the same age as me and were in conflict. But Asuman Dabak has been my friend for a long time and we both like each other. We are learning a lot. I hope our friendship will always continue like this.”

Tuvana Türkay, who sang beautiful songs in the program, also underlined that music will always be in her life.