Series News [Forbidden Apple] series was enchanted by women

[Forbidden Apple] series was enchanted by women


[Forbidden Apple] series latest news …

Turkey began a new series of …

An impressive series of famous actors …

The series, shot in stylish places, was likened to the 1001 Nights and Forbidden Love series.

It was an interesting experience for the items in the series to feel like shopping for female viewers.

An audience commented: “I felt like I was constantly shopping, looking at new products, an awesome head dealer!”

[Sevval Sam] is a great actress and adds color to the lining with her beauty.

[Eda Ece] was acclaimed for her adaptation to the character she portrayed.

[Sevda Erginci] was much better than the previous series.

[Onur Tuna] stunned viewers with a hard look.

In addition to making the audience happy, the series is also very popular because it reminds me of the Forbidden Love series.

However, it is not known how long the series will last. It will last a long time.

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