Artists News Foreign fans of Melis Sezen increase

Foreign fans of Melis Sezen increase


It is noteworthy that the famous actress Melis Sezen started to increase among her followers on social media.

Melis Sezen experienced a rapid ascension in her acting adventure, which was close to 5 years. Starting her screen career with the Bitter Sweet Life series, the player drew attention in the Black Pearl series. She played different roles with the World State, For Us Champion, Fox Nest and Miracle 2 Love movies.

Melis Sezen, who played the leading role in the Stain series for the first time, announced her name to large masses especially in the last 1.5 years. Starting this season with the series of Dear Past, the player was also admired for her performance in Ya İstiklal Ya Ölüm. Melis Sezen, who also took part in the movie Kovala, continued to increase the number of followers on social media in the 5-year period.

Continuing to increase the number of followers approaching 600 thousand on Instagram, the player has recently attracted the attention of foreign series fans.

You can see that Melis Sezen’s posts on her Instagram account leave many comments in different languages ​​and that she speaks more on Twitter. Melis Sezen continues to shine her name abroad with her successful performance and beauty.