Forget Sarp Apak's comedy roles, prepare to shed tears!
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1 April 2023 07:38


Forget Sarp Apak’s comedy roles, prepare to shed tears!

Sarp Apak will be the child of pain in the TV series Kaderimin Oyunu! Fans of the famous actor Sarp Apak will be able to watch Star TV on Friday, December 3rd. Sarp Apak, who took the lead role with Akın Akınözü and Öykü Karayel in the series “Kaderimin Oyunu”, will give life to someone very different from his previous roles.

Sarp Apak, who suddenly became popular with the character of Güven in the TV series Kavak Yelleri, was remembered with his comedy roles in the next period. Born in Diyarbakır in 1981, the actor has been on the sets since 2002.

In his acting adventure of nearly 20 years, the audience loved Sarp Apak with the character of Tanrıverdi in the Avrupa Yakası TV series. The actor, who shines in a comedy production with his role as Emir in the series Yalan Dünya, also appeared on the screen as Ozan Özpamuk in the TV series Jet Sosyete. These three TV series were produced by Gülse Birsel and Sarp Apak played a role in all of them.

Now, the actor will surprise his fans with his drama role again after a long hiatus. You will find the character named Mahir as the child of pain in the series “Kaderimin Oyunu”.

Stating that he was very impressed when he first read the script, Sarp Apak said that he received great support from the director Emre Kabakuşak during the preliminary preparation process.

The actor said that the character of Mahir impressed him a lot and he was sad when he read the character analysis.

Sarp Apak explained the following details about his character: “Mahir impressed me the most as a drama character. When I read the character analysis, I was sad. The most innocent and sinless person in the story is actually Mahir. Despite this, a lot of things happened to him, none of it was his fault or fault, his innocence was something that struck me as different. Thanks to what he went through, he developed himself and turned into a lone wolf and his strength attracted me. Most fundamentally, I can say that it does not collapse despite all that it has gone through, and that it survives and continues.”

The series of Kaderimin Oyunu was a production that immediately attracted attention with its story. Sarp Apak is also coming to surprise his fans with his character in this series.

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