Series News Fox TV has announced its new series, but will Yalancılar ve Mumları make a finale?

Fox TV has announced its new series, but will Yalancılar ve Mumları make a finale?

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Due to the abundance of new series on Fox TV screens, the channel management does not hesitate to spend one by one. The Uzak Şehrin Masalı and the Son Yaz series were the final works within this framework. This season, we see a Fox TV that is struggling to get the ratings it expects from the series.

The teams continue to work intensively for four productions called Misafir, Elbet Bir Gün, Elkızı and Mahkum. Elkızı will start on Saturday instead of the Son Yaz series. Also, Fox TV, which has placed the TV series “Misafir” on Thursday evenings as of November 4, has now put one of its new series, Elbet Bür Gün, on the field.

Elbet Bir Gün was a series that attracted a lot of attention with its story and its cast. The series, in which important names such as Sinem Ünsal, Burak Yamantürk and Şebnem Bozoklu take the leading roles, has a strong drama story. The team, which has been on the set since August, is ready for broadcast…

Fox TV has announced its new series, but will Yalancılar ve Mumları make a finale? 7

The second trailer of Elbet Bir Gün series has also been released. This means that soon the series will meet the audience. Fox TV also announces when its series will be broadcast after broadcasting trailers one after the other, and broadcasts it quickly.

However, there is no empty day for the series Elbet Bir Gün at the moment… There is a series on the air 7 days a week, and of course, someone has to make a finale for a day… So which series could it be?

Yasak Elma, Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey, Kanunsuz Topraklar and Aşk Mantık İntikam show good performances and are not expected to make a final. Elkızı and Misafir are two new series and it hasn’t started yet.

In this case, what remains is the series Yalancılar ve Mumları, the first 3 episodes of which were broadcast and received very low ratings. It is not easy to increase the ratings of the series, which aired on Sunday evenings. Could the final decision have been taken for the series, which could not satisfy the audience at the point of the script?

Fox TV’s bringing forward the series “Elbet Bir Gün” brought this question to mind. The 4th episode trailer for Yalancılar ve Mumları has been released and it has been announced that it will meet with the audience on Sunday, October 24. But this could be the last chance for the series.

If Fox TV does not find what it expects from Yalancılar ve Mumları again, this time it may consider broadcasting the series “Elbet Bir Gün” quickly.

Let’s also remind one of Şebnem Bozoklu’s words in an interview she made last month. The master actress stated that it was said that the series would be broadcast at the end of October. If the Yalancılar ve Mumları series cannot make a debut with its 4th episode, it will not surprise anyone that Fox TV makes a finale decision.