Series News The magic word was said in Fox TV’s Elkızı series, female audience is expected!

The magic word was said in Fox TV’s Elkızı series, female audience is expected!

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There is an important message from the new Fox TV series called Elkızı, which will meet with the audience for the first time on Saturday evening. Sevda Erginci, who is in the lead role in the series, said the magic words that will attract female viewers to the screen.

A new alternative is emerging for those who want to see strong women on television and are tired of the constantly oppressed and unfairly treated female characters. On Saturday, October 23, the character of Ezo will present a strong woman portrait that will satisfy many female audiences.

Those looking for a strong woman story can watch Sevda Erginci’s Elkızı series. In her statement, the actress sued her fans for the story of Ezo’s revenge by not accepting to be crushed.

The new promotion of FOX’s new series “Elkızı”, which is preparing to start its screen journey on Saturday, has been released. Ezo’s words were spoken a lot in the promotion, which attracted great attention. His statement, “I got my surname from my murderer father, but my humanity comes from my mother, I am my mother’s daughter” drew a lot of attention. These words of Ezo were spoken on social media.

Sevda Erginci sent the following message to the audience: “Those who watch Elkızı; They will find love, revenge, greed and intrigue. The series is about Ezo, a woman who stands strong against whatever happens to her, does not accept being oppressed and takes revenge. On the other hand, there is a marginalization in the series. This is something very common in Turkey; Those who are not of their own blood are often marginalized. We will make the audience watch this marginalization in a pathetic way.”

The cast of the series, which is preparing to bring Ezo’s painful life story to the screens, consists of the following names:

“Sevda Erginci, Fikret Kuşkan, Perihan Savaş, İsmail Ege Şaşmaz, Münir Can Cindoruk, Sedef Avcı, Toprak Sağlam, Alayça Öztürk, Fırat Doğruloğlu, Nur Author, Çağla Şimşek, Sinan Arslan, Pelinsu Çileli and Macit Koper.”

“Elkızı” will be on FOX with its first episode on Saturday, October 23.