Series News Shocking! Kanal D gave up its new series in a short time!

Shocking! Kanal D gave up its new series in a short time!

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One of the first TV series to meet the audience in the new season on Kanal D screens was Kırık Hayatlar. Kanal D, which stepped into the daily series business with the production of Yaralı Kuşlar last season, this time brought Kırık Hayatlar to the audience in the same format.

Kanal D, who continued the Yaralı Kuşlar series for a long time, gave up in a short time due to the low interest for Kırık Hayatlar… Kırık Hayatlar series, which meets with the audience at 11:00 on weekdays, will not be on Kanal D’s screen after the 42nd episode.

The channel management did not make the final of the series “Kırık Hayatlar”, but transferred it to its subsidiary named teve2. It was revealed that Kanal D was disappointed with Kırık Hayatlar once again at the point of the daily series.

Kırık Hayatlar will continue to be screened on teve2 with its new episodes. You can watch the 43rd episode and the following episodes on teve2 starting Monday, October 25th.

The series, starring Meltem Akçöl and Erdem Yılmaz, is produced by Nöbetçi Yapım and produced by Berna Akpınar and Metin Namlısesli.

The popular TV series Kırık Hayatlar will continue its screen life on teve2 every weekday at 13.00 starting from October 25.