Fox TV's decision to make the Yasak Elma series final would be a big mistake!
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3 February 2023 10:36


Fox TV’s decision to make the Yasak Elma series final would be a big mistake!

You can see that the Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) series, bearing the signature of Medyapım, brings millions of viewers to the screen every week and achieves very good ratings in the ratings. There was an expectation that the sixth season of the series would make its finale in June.

In fact, a similar situation was experienced last year, but after the intense support of the audience, the leading actors were persuaded to continue the series.

The biggest problem was in Şevval Sam, but the famous actress decided to continue the series by not breaking the insistence of both the fans and the team.

The idea that Yasak Elma, which continues its sixth season and is one of the most influential TV series on Monday evenings, will make its finale still does not seem convincing to many viewers. Eda Ece also sent a message to producer Fatih Aksoy, saying that they shot the final season months ago.

However, in this whole process, Fox TV will suffer the most with the Yasak Elma series. Because making the series final means that the most important production of the channel will fly away.

It seems imperative that Fox TV, which has invested so much in TV series but can’t manage a project like Yasak Elma, finds a formula and keeps the Yasak Elma series on the air.

Mediapım’s owner Fatih Aksoy is also reported to the press that he is not content with the ending of the series. However, both Şevval Sam and Eda Ece gave the feeling that they would not be in the project anymore with their statements that they would make the final as the leading female actors of the series.

It is not known whether the ideas of the actors change, or the screenwriters make such a transformation that with new names, the series can continue with a completely different cast.

It is not clear yet whether there will be the 7th season of the Yasak Elma series. However, it seems wise that Fox TV is already taking steps to seduce the players and looking for ways to continue its best series.

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