Series News Fresh blood for the Börü series, which will be broadcast on BluTV in the new season!

Fresh blood for the Börü series, which will be broadcast on BluTV in the new season!

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The Börü 2039 series will be broadcast on BluTV. Filming will begin next month. While some of the old actors continue in the series, which was previously broadcast on Star TV, there are also new transfers.

The detective and drama series directed by ÇağlarArts Insignia Productions, directed by Can Emre and Cem Özüduru and written by Alper Çağlar, Cem Özüduru and Emre Sirel, will soon meet the audience on BluTV screens.

Some of the actors in the old episodes of the series, which were previously broadcast on Star TV, will continue in the episodes on the new channel. Some old actors, including Murat Arkın, Emir Benderlioğlu, Ahmet Pınar, SerkanÇayoğlu and Ozan Agac, will also take part in the new episodes.

There is also a new transfer to the series. Cenay Türksever joined the cast of the episodes of Börü 2039 on BluTV. The young actress will portray the character named Çaka Yazgan in the series.

Born in Bulgaria in 1990, the young actress has played a role in the TV series “Sevdim Seni Bir Kere” and “Elif”. Börü 2039 will be Türksever’s third series.

The story of the series, which tells about a series of political and social events that took place in Turkey and the world in 2039 in a dystopian universe, and what happened after these events, is as follows:

Turkey in the spring of 2014. It is a period in which enemies multiply at the border and the circle of dangers inside is getting narrower. The Republic of Turkey is facing the greatest threats in its recent history. Börü tells the epic of lonely heroes who are on fire with the love of their homeland. They are the last stronghold.