Furkan Andıç signed a principle in his career!
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29 November 2022 11:26


Furkan Andıç signed a principle in his career!

Furkan Andıç, who received the likes with the character of Ateş Avcı, played in the Romance Next Door series, is the first actor to be considered when speaking of romantic comedy series.

Starting its journey with a bad rating on Kanal D screen, Romance Next Door deserves higher ratings with its story and acting performances. Furkan Andıç, who gave life to the character of Ateş, the only son of the Avcı family, a rich and strong family, said that such a role was the first in his career. Answering the questions of Milliyet newspaper, the actor said:

“I am alone with a character I have not portrayed. This makes me really happy. The character is fun, not snobbish. Don’t be angry with love, mobile, not boss, apprentice. ”

In the Romance Next Door series, which includes characters with high energy and life expectancy, he explained what made him curious:

“Romance Next Door is a family story that tries to live in a big chaos, has a high energy and anticipation from life. This motivation makes the script very strong and arouses curiosity in the audience. The events are shaped by Ateş and Yasemin sharing a big marriage lie and sharing the house of a very connected family. From the outside, it is something that people always have in mind.”

The actor expressed the fact that life continued on the set during the pandemic period. Furkan Andıç emphasized that the series sector, like many other sectors, has returned to work.

The actor said: “During the pandemic, I was out of town, which gave me the luxury of calm and staying away for a long time. It felt good to me. Now we are happy to have returned to our lives. It seems like the universe has given us this right sometimes, as if everyone had to be alone with it. ”

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