Özge Gürel is remembered with praise, not criticism!
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27 November 2022 14:56


Özge Gürel is remembered with praise, not criticism!

The famous actress Özge Gürel, who brought the character of Ezgi to life in the Mr.Wrong series, attracted attention on Instagram with her sharing showing that she was peaceful and happy. Meeting with Can Yaman in a series again, the player is also appreciated for her performance.

Özge Gürel, one of the most sought after beauties of romantic comedy series, is almost backing Mr.Wrong with her acting talent. Although there are serious criticisms about Can Yaman and the concept of the series, Özge Gürel does not get much share from this.

Özge Gürel, who has millions of fans in the country and in different countries of the world, shows the best she can be in the Mr.Wrong series.

If there is an increase in the ratings of the series as of the third part, it is stated by the fans that Can Yaman has more influence than Özge Gürel.

Özge Gürel once again conquered their hearts with their sympathy and beauty in the shootings made in Göcek. The famous actress also released the peace of mind from her instagram account with the photo below.

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