Onur Tuna missed the A Miracle series!
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1 December 2022 13:32


Onur Tuna missed the A Miracle series!

Attracting attention as the most successful production of the season we left behind, the new season of A Miracle series is expected with curiosity and excitement. Not only the audience, but the actors also miss their characters.

Onur Tuna, the famous actor who gave life to the character of Ferman, made a statement saying that he missed the series with his sharing on his instagram account. He tagged “Ferman miss you, #mucizedoktor” with the instagram account of producer MF Yapım.

Hazal Türesan also commented on this sharing of Onur Tuna and expressed that she missed it. Özge Özder, who appeared to be in the second season of the series, expressed her love for the team with heart emojsi.

Onur Tuna left the series with his 28th episode. Work on the set was stopped in March, and the season finale was mandatory. However, A Miracle is at another point rather than the point left by Onur Tuna. There were important developments for the second season. So what happened?

Season 2 of the A Miracle series will start like a bomb. The 13-part story from the first season will also take place in the second season. It was announced that Hakan Kurtaş participated in the series.

The beloved actor Hakan Kurtaş, who will bring the character of Doruk to life, will be on FOX screens from the 29th episode of the series. Doruk, who will come to the fore with his surprise and difficult past, will take on the role of a new doctor in Berhayat Hospital. From time to time, Ali Vefa (Taner Ölmez) will reverse and compete.

There were also allegations that talks were held with Seda Bakan and that she participated in the series. Although there is no official statement yet, Seda Bakan is expected to take part in the second season of the series.

A Miracle team is expected to meet on the set in the coming days and start shooting for stock for the second season. It is stated that the new episodes will meet with the audience in September.

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