Furkan Palalı changed the image for his new series!
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1 December 2022 05:39


Furkan Palalı changed the image for his new series!

Furkan Palalı comes with a very different image in the Bitter Lands series! The famous actor  is in the excitement of the new series in the new season… Last year, the famous actor who partnered with Aslı Bekiroğlu in the series My Sweet Lie, made an important agreement before the new season.

He who participated in the Bitter Lands squad that has been running from success to success for 2 seasons atv will make important contributions to the story of the series shot in Adana. Furkan Palalı, who also renewed his image for his new role, explained that it was because of his new series.

Furkan Palalı talked about his new image: “There is a new project, I hope I will start in September. But now get the surprise name of the project. I can’t say it anyway. We changed the image, I can only say it. Not the final version, maybe the beard will change a little more. But that’s the shortness of the hair, at least to get used to it. We cut it to get used to the hair. Then we will have a second rehearsal and it will become clear afterwards. ”

Furkan Palalı, together with his hairdresser, said that they would apply the image the producer wanted to his hair and beard, yet this version is not the final image of the character.

Furkan Palalı, who was the third season surprise of the Bitter Lands series with Nazan Kesal, said that he liked the image of his new character by saying “Something very good has turned out, he has also got in me”.

He, who spent time in his house during the quarantine period, explained that he especially organized his garden when he had the opportunity. Furkan Palalı stated that when he started a project, he stayed on the set for 15-16 hours a day, and that his house has now become more livable.

Explaining that he started an intense period when he said both image work and costume rehearsal and poster shooting before Bitter Lands, Furkan Palalı said, “It takes some time to reveal this character. I’m already going to the gym, I’m like in a camp,” he said.

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