Furkan Palalı draws attention with his professionalism in acting
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27 November 2022 14:49


Furkan Palalı draws attention with his professionalism in acting

Famous actor Furkan Palalı is one of the prominent names in every work he has been involved in. The actor we watch on the ATV screen nowadays also exhibits his difference in the Bitter Land series. The actor shows through his actions and words how professional he is and how much he respects his work.

First of all, the actor, who had to take on a different image after producing a romantic comedy like My Sweet Lie, changed his image long before the shootings to internalize this situation. In other words, Fikret Fekeli had to get used to his character first. Because he respects the great effort of the team planning the character in the background. In order to reward this effort they put forward, he first needs to be warmed up.

First he had to get used to it. He did this to better portray the character in the series. The famous actor said, “Under the conditions of this period, this surprise and the image of this man who came to the city, who seemed foreign, should have been like this. We did it just before the set so I wanted some warmth for the character. Before I went on set, I went out on the set digesting this image of the man”, showing how professionally he has.

Furkan Palalı watched all episodes of the series. He made notes in his own way. He gathered information about the situation of Çukurova in those years. In other words, he not only watched the series but also made an effort to learn many details about the period.

Underlining that there was a different texture of that period, Palalı also explains how seriously he took his job with the following words in his interview on TV serial:

“There is a very serious number of episodes in the past, shot before me. I had the opportunity to watch them in detail. Since the texture of that period was different, I investigated what kind of style was used in the table setting, table conversation, sincerity, and what kind of behavior we modernize today. I read some books of that period. I read and researched the Çukurova of that period. That’s why my preparation process for the series was very efficient due to the pandemic.”

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