Artists News GizemKaraca has made an important decision!

GizemKaraca has made an important decision!


The ‘Humanity Crime’ series, in which GizemKaraca was cast, was removed from the screen.

Also, actress was punished by the court on the drug case.

She has played in 13 projects so far. “I never really stopped. One is over, I started from the other ” GizemKaraca, if you are concerned about the last period, she spoke as follows.

“I trust in Turkish justice, and my innocence for this file will be revealed. It would not be right to talk in an ongoing trial, because even things I do not know, things that are not in the file are coming out and I follow them from there. ”

Explaining that she saw great support from her husband KemalEkmekçi during this period, she stated that she wanted to be a mother too

She tells us that she will be more careful about the series now, and she will focus on her films in this space.

She said:
“I’m seeing for movies, maybe something. I want to enter the unit a little more carefully now ”