Series News ‘The Pit’ series pissed off the audience!

‘The Pit’ series pissed off the audience!


What did you do to Sena? Reaction to ‘The Pit’!

In the series, the situation in which the character of Sena lived, the spectators would get out of the woods.

Her brother Emrah’s game is starting to pierce Sena.

She stabbed Saadet after the hallucinations she saw.

It’s a curiosity about Saadet, who is pregnant from Vartolu, but if she does, she will probably lose her child.

Sena thinks that she killed someone and that the drugs given by the false doctor are thoroughly pierced afterwards, and the followers cause great reactions in the social media.

The viewer, who is not happy with the way that character is made to you, “what kind of a gain will Emrah have? What’s going to go crazy with crazy Sena? Why do you continue to drink those drugs, even though you started to worsen? ”

The viewers who shared their opinion that the series is bullshitting about Sena are not happy at all!

After the last episode, the reaction to the stabbing scene between Saadet and Sena is falling from the social media.

If Sena unintentionally kills Vartolu’s baby, a completely different rage will emerge.

Probably Vartolu will seat Sena at this time. This possibility is also expressed in social media.

However, as a result of these developments, the followers continue to interpret that they are now bored in Sena’s Stage, they find it absurd.

What happened to that scene?

What kind of danger Saadet is facing will find answers next week.