Series News The clothes riot in ‘Forbidden Apple’ series!

The clothes riot in ‘Forbidden Apple’ series!


Fox TV ‘Forbidden Apple’ series, the ratings got a big output.

The 11th episode, which was published on Monday, May 28th, ranks first in the ratings.

The ever-accelerating series made a big run through the ‘The Pit’ series at the end of the season.

However, there is a situation where the series is falling into long-tongued languages ​​so that the comments on social media are not over.

Despite the stylish and highly attentive nature of Yıldız and Ender, Zeynep’s clothing style is constantly causing criticism.

After Zeynep character played by SevdaErginci, comment after 11th episode, it appeared that the clothes were not liked at all.

The followers wrote the following messages:

“I wonder when Zeynep will change the way she dresses,”

“Are you supposed to dress Zeynep like a retired governess?”

“The star is very beautiful, Zeynep is like the same Kezban again. Dress this girl up nicely!

Even Zehra is dressed beautifully! ”

Although Alihan, played by OnurTuna, was a company boss and a rich man, he began to become a criticism with the costumes he wore. One commentator’s comment on the Alihan character’s clothing style was one of the remarkable comments on the social media:

“The more suits of Alihan suits, the worse the other suits. Sports T-shirts can be stored by saying “I do not throw a full garbage out of glass shards.”

ŞevvalSam’s clothes, style, and feature of the directory, playing Ender in ‘Forbidden Apple’. The star has hardly received any criticism of the outfit.

However, Zeynep character has been criticized by the audience in style since the first episodes of the series. In the last episode Zeynep criticized the clothes in some of the stages and the white outfit she wore on the birthday party was appreciated.