Shooting begins in the Forbidden Apple series
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27 November 2022 14:58


Shooting begins in the Forbidden Apple series

Famous actress Eda Ece completed her Bodrum vacation, celebrating her 30th birthday. The actress, having a pleasant time with her lover Buğrahan Tuncer, is now preparing for the 4th season of the Forbidden Apple series.

Reminding that many people are afraid to go on vacation during the pandemic period, Eda Ece said, “We are working at a very busy pace. I’ve been playing Forbidden Apple for 3 years. I had a very limited time. We’re starting the set on Monday. So I wanted to evaluate it. Because one cannot rest in the city, ” she said.

The actress, who stated that she had a holiday by protecting herself because of the coronavirus, did not hesitate in making the holiday decision. She said, “Because psychology is also important. My parents pay more attention than me. I decided so. I went, I came. Now, the intense tempo is starting. ”

Eda Ece, who explained that the series did not have a situation like going on holiday again because of the beginning of the series, said that the shooting will be done by following the health rules and everyone will be covid-19 tested.

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