Artists News KaanYıldırım has an objection!

KaanYıldırım has an objection!


KaanYıldırım and GizemKaraca took the lead in the ‘Humanity Crime’ series on Channel D screens.

The series will also be released next season, but the final was due to the low rating.

Kanal D removed the knee from the far end. The ratings were not very good.

The series that we watched KaanYıldırım’s successful actress created another disappointment for the famous actor.

The final 2 final stages of the game were a pain in the game.

Actor, some spots after the publication of the directory are objecting …

The series was first screenwriter, then director change.

According to KaanYıldırım, such sudden changes can damage the project.

He, said:

“I am very sorry for this, but unfortunately this is the case. You go out together, some of you leave after we leave. My name is BarışYöş who was a very, very happy person for a long time. The feelings of all the scenes live with the actor, opens a window from where you never thought. If you are right when you open the window, it will come in through the window. A director who really does his job. I am very happy to work with him. But the things that we can not control are these differences. To continue with the same motivation to our business as our falling professional. ”

It turned out that the hard changes in the production team of the “Humanity Crime” line did not make a positive contribution to the lining.

The players now have only the right scenario and the fact that they are on the screen at the right time … Also the right production company and the right team team need to think well.

There are a lot of people working in the background of the “Humanity Crime” series. However, the early final of the series affected both Channel D and the leading actors.