Series News The same tactic in the Forbidden Apple series!

The same tactic in the Forbidden Apple series!


The most important factor in the Forbidden Apple series, which is expected to start in September, is that the season 4 episodes are… Curiosity is bombarded both by the series team’s trailers and by the social media posts of the players.

Forbidden Apple series fans’ excitement tactic over the 3 seasons of curiosity also showed itself before the 4th season. Everyone was surprised when the new trailer of Forbidden Apple, which will start the new season with episode 75, was released. Because the possibility of a surprise character in the series was included in the trailer. There is a woman waiting for the prisoner Şahika in the ward, and this is also a surprise and impressed the viewers.

“Who’s that woman?” such comments spread on social media. Şevval Sam and Eda Ece also increased this curiosity with their series sharing. Eda Ece, who gives life to the Yıldız character, wrote: “Stop, our new promotion that will last 3 days and 3 nights. Fox thick in Turkey this week. Do not miss our new season promotion of Forbidden Apple. ”

Forbidden Apple series owes its success for 3 seasons to keep this curiosity element high. An element of curiosity is always emphasized both in the scenes of the series and in the social media posts of the actors. This returns to the series with ratings.

Here is the 75th episode trailer of the Forbidden Apple series… The release date is not clear yet, but it is certain that the series will be on the screen in September.