Who is ahead in the race between CanYaman and Kerem Bürsin?
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29 November 2022 22:04


Who is ahead in the race between CanYaman and Kerem Bürsin?

Recently there has been a huge series and popularity competition among male actors. Three male lead actors attracted attention in 3 series reflected on the summer screen. Furkan Andıç takes part in this race with ‘Romance Next Door’. Can Yaman had a great attack with Mr.Wrong. However, Kerem Bürsin was in the series ‘Love is in the Air’ who managed to steal hearts…

‘Love is in the Air’ first place in the screening race of 3 romantic comedy series, Mr. Wrong is in second and third place in ‘Romance Next Door’. However, when looking at the social media reflection of the work, it can be seen that Mr.Wrong series left CanYaman behind the other two leading actors with a big difference.

However, it was once again revealed that social media power was not enough. Ratings and audience interest play a decisive role in this regard. At this point, Kerem Bürsin, who is a very good couple with Hande Erçel, is seen ahead of CanYaman.

It is evaluated that his opponent Kerem Bürsin stands out on the way to become the most successful series actor of the summer screen that CanYaman intends.

It is obvious that the harmony and energies of Hande Erçel – Kerem Bürsin duo at ‘Love is in the Air’ are more liked than CanYaman – Özge Gürel duo at ‘Mr.Wrong’.

Barış Kocaoğlu, an Akşam newspaper writer, wrote in his column that CanYaman was behind Kerem Bürsin in the series competition.

Here is the article: “CanYaman is a very popular name, but to me, in this series competition, he lost the flag to Kerem Bürsin.

According to the public reaction, if we take the opinions of the people around me, everyone liked the “Love is in the Air” series more than the Mr.Wrong series.

The success of the series in the ratings shows this.

The fact that they are a beautiful couple with Hande Erçel has a great impact on this…

I wouldn’t be surprised if love is experienced between the two from this series. ”

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