The Ottoman series will end the yearning of Cüneyt Arkın
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29 November 2022 10:21


The Ottoman series will end the yearning of Cüneyt Arkın

The Ottoman, which proved its success with its first season published in 27 episodes, showed that it will be one of the best productions of the screen in the second season. Resurrection Ertuğrul, the names that will be added to The Ottoman series, which should be developed a little more, are also expected to strengthen the production.

The participation of Cüneyt Arkın in The Ottomann series will also significantly affect the production. Barış Kocaoğlu, an Akşam newspaper writer, stated that those who miss a master actor such as Cüneyt Arkın will meet their aspirations.

Another important advantage of Cüneyt Arkın coming to The Ottoman series is that it will enable new generations to get to know the master actor more closely. Yeşilçam legend Cüneyt Arkın will take place in the series as the head of the Aksakallılar.

Barış Kocaoğlu stated his thoughts with the following words: “I am so glad to hear that Cüneyt Arkın will enter the ‘The Ottoman’ staff.

He is one of the most master actors of Turkish Cinema. I have watched all the films of Yeşilçam many times.

But years later, it is a great chance to see it on TV again. For us and for the new generation.

I am sure that it will add so much difference to the series; I hope the ratings that are good will be even better.

Welcome, dear Cüneyt Arkın, to our life again. ”

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