The return of the Forbidden Apple series will be magnificent!
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29 November 2022 10:08


The return of the Forbidden Apple series will be magnificent!

Season 3 of the Forbidden Apple series has been very successful. Eda Ece and Şevval Sam collaborated with the most important shareholder in this. Nesrin Cavadzade, who played the character of Şahika in Forbidden Apple, which was on the rise with Yıldız and Ender characters, also performed an important performance. Forbidden Apple, now backed by 3 actresses, is now preparing for season 4.

However, let us remind you that the series will continue on its way with different director in the 4th season. Neslihan Yeşilyurt left production. The reason for the separation of the famous director who had a good communication with the team was for Doctor Foster, the new series of Medyapım. Medyapım has appointed the best director for the Turkish adaptation of Doctor Foster, which she attaches great importance and agreed with Cansu Dere.

Şevval Sam, who we have successfully watched for 3 seasons in the series, was the first person to give official information from the 4th season. The actress wrote in her announcement from her instagram account: “You always asked: When will start from Forbidden Apple series? Yes I answer, we start! Our preparations have started. Set next week! We missed you, our business, very much. Our energy will be full and our return will be wonderful… ”

Şevval Sam’s very ambitious words are noteworthy, while Forbidden Apple series is expected to continue its upward chart in Season 3 as well. So who is the new director?

The director change was announced by Medyapım as follows: “The new director of Forbidden Apple series has been announced! The new director of the successful series that has been on Fox screens for 3 seasons; Murat Öztürk also directed the series “A Family Story” and “My Home My Destiny”. “

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