Cam Tavanlar made the final, but Bensu Soral gave good news to her fans!
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6 October 2022 13:28


Cam Tavanlar made the final, but Bensu Soral gave good news to her fans!

Bensu Soral, who plays the leading role in the series Cam Tavanlar broadcast on Show TV, is saddened by the 8-episode production. The actress, who met with Kubilay Aka in the lead role, experienced the sadness of the final after the low ratings.

Bensu Soral, who said, “Our series is over, now we are looking at new projects,” returned to the sets after waiting 4 years. However, this turn was not exactly what the player wanted.

Bensu Soral said, “We didn’t expect that either. But the ratings are never clear, what the result will be… That’s it,” she said. Explaining that they were very happy and had a lot of fun as a team in the Cam Tavanlar series, the actress said that they were sad.

Explaining that there is no holiday plan, Bensu Soral said, “I will not say goodbye to the screen. If there is something suitable, I want to go inside. That’s why there is no holiday plan for now,” she said.

Explaining that there are projects that come to her and she is evaluating them, Soral also said that she does not have a new project that has been clarified yet. Stating that she very much wanted to return to the sets, the actress emphasized that there were good works among the incoming projects.

The actress, who has been trying to protect her natural hair since her childhood, did not take any radical steps except for minor changes. “Natural, no dye,” the actress said.

Explaining that waves are made to make her hair look natural in the series, Bensu Soral said that she does not like the change much.

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