Kardeşlerim TV series team met for the second season
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6 October 2022 08:41


Kardeşlerim TV series team met for the second season

Kardeşlerim series, which met with the audience on the ATV screen, had a very successful first season. Both the experienced actors and young names of the series gave a very successful performance.

In the new season of Kardeşlerim series, important changes will be made in the story. These changes are eagerly awaited. The record-breaking series on Saturday nights, produced by NGM, has completed its preparations for the second season.

After the breathtaking season finale, the successful cast of the series, whose new episodes are eagerly awaited, came together for reading rehearsals in the garden of NGM.

The actors, who draw attention with their cheerful and energetic attitudes, did not give a secret about what will happen in the new season.

Surprise developments, “Kardeşlerim” will be on ATV screens again in September.

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