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26 May 2022 07:18


Gökçe Bahadır, the opposite of Azra’s character, made a decision!

Gökçe Bahadır, who played the character of Azra in the TV series Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey, returned to television series after a long break. The actress, who is very pleased with her fans with this decision, gives life to the character of divorce lawyer Azra. The actress, who successfully portrays the character of Azra, who is trying to divorce her husband Sergen in the TV series broadcast on Tuesday evenings, manages to pass these feelings to the audience in scenes with different emotions.

While Gökçe Bahadır is having an intense and successful period in her business life, she has been experiencing the energy of love for a while in her private life. The actress, who radiates happiness in every way, took the opposite decision of Azra’s character. While Azra was trying to divorce her husband Sergen in the series, Gökçe Bahadır decided to marry with her lover.

Gökçe Bahadır, who impresses with her impressive performance in the Netflix TV series Kulüp, transforms her relationship with singer Emir Ersoy first into love and now into marriage.

The duo met during the album consisting of Sezen Aksu songs prepared by Emir Ersoy last year, were impressed by each other and their relationship started.

The 40-year-old actress started counting the days for marriage after a new decision with the new year. On Friday, February 25, it was revealed that the famous couple will get married in a hotel in Alaçatı. A limited number of people will attend this wedding.

While the character of Azra, who is a divorce lawyer on the screen and affects people’s lives, falls into the same situation with her clients, Gökçe Bahadır in real life is experiencing an explosion of excitement with the excitement of marriage.

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