Artists News Gökçe Bahadır, who continues the series Ömer, made a very important decision about the series!

Gökçe Bahadır, who continues the series Ömer, made a very important decision about the series!


Famous actress Gökçe Bahadır is among the names that add value to the projects she takes part in and have been on the screen for many years with good TV series. The famous actress is currently playing the leading role in the TV series Ömer, which is broadcast on Star TV on Monday evenings.

The actress, whom we saw in one of the different stories of the last period with Selahattin Paşalı, is on the screen with the character of Gamze, and her fans are very pleased to be involved in such a different project. Gökçe Bahadır has set herself a new goal to take part in different stories and to portray different female characters.

In her statement, the famous actress stated that she would like the projects she will take part in to be different after the TV series Ömer and expressed her determination with the following words:

“I like to be in the projects that I love and go from one floor to another from now on. Let it be another good job next, another role. Have a different and challenging character. My goals have always been like that. Let me take it one step further by forcing me inside myself. Give me the opportunity to discover new things. Let the people I work with force me somehow, if necessary. I’m forced to keep up with them, to walk the same path. Somehow I have to improve myself even more.”

With these words, Gökçe Bahadır expresses her desire to take part in different jobs that challenge her. Stating that she always looks one step ahead, the actress does not want to be in a line that repeats ermself.

The actress, who set her goals clearly, stated that she did not know the end of the road she was going to take, but that the thing that gave her joy was her excitement and strain.

Expressing that she was worried about what she could do differently, the actress added that she would give priority to different roles and projects that challenge her, saying, “My goal will actually be this later on, as well.”