Series News Gökhan Alkan’s messages were exposed

Gökhan Alkan’s messages were exposed


The Forbidden Apple series, which meets the audience on the Fox TV screen, continues its great success in the third season. New episodes of the series cannot be shot due to a coronavirus outbreak. It is also unknown when the set will start working.

Gökhan Alkan, who recently joined the Forbidden Apple series, was the harbinger of a major change. The character of Kerim, played by Alkan, was expected to have love with Yıldız and great changes in the series. However, the characters of Kerim, played by Gökhan Alkan, and Mert, played by Can Nergis, were fraudulent. These developments surprised and disappointed the followers of the series.

Gökhan Alkan, on the other hand, surprised the audience for the second time. The player’s correspondence with a young woman was exposed. The confidential messages of Alkan, whose correspondence emerged through social media with a woman named Ezgi Naz, were not disclosed at all. The Forbidden Apple was once again the agenda on social media through women’s-men’s relations.

The young woman named Ezgi Naz shared previous correspondence after Gökhan Alkan blocked her. It was noteworthy that Alkan offered the young woman to enjoy Spa at the hotel and then watch the movie in the room.