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4 July 2022 09:42


Good news to the audience of the phenomenon series Halka; New episodes of the series are coming!

The series Halka (Ring), which was broadcast on TRT1 screens in 2018, attracted a lot of attention with its extraordinary subject. The Halka, starring Nazan Kesal, Serkan Çayoğlu, Hande Erçel, Kaan Yıldırım and Hazal Subaşı, was an action series.

The series, which tells the story of two young men with different characters and lives, ‘Kaan’ and ‘Cihangir’, against a conspiracy that they thought was coincidental and that they thought was fate, said goodbye to the screens with its 19th episode, although it attracted attention with its different subject. There was great pressure from the audience to shoot the sequel.

Sina Koloğlu gave the good news to the audience. Koloğlu said that new episodes of the series are being written. The new episodes of Halka, which is designed to be 1 hour and 8 episodes, will most likely be broadcast on TRT’s digital platform.

Stating that the editor of Peaky Blinders previously re-edited all episodes with a fast flow suitable for digital, Sina Koloğlu said, “These episodes are planned to come in the first stage. Later, new episodes are planned to be published”.

Stating that he also thinks that new names will join the cast, Sina Koloğlu said, “If all things go well, the shooting is planned to start in September. I understand the production crew is cautious though. Personally, I find it important to take a step. ‘Halka’ was a different drama and I can say that its taste was on the palate.”

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