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4 July 2022 09:17


Engin Akyürek is no longer the old Engin after the series Kaçış! Here is the big confession!

Engin Akyürek is at the top of the agenda again and he is proud of his TV series Kaçış (Escape). The fact that Disney Plus made its first domestic project in Turkey based on the story written by the famous actor, the actor’s very effective performance in the lead role and the worldwide effects of this show how the right decision was made.

With the release of the first episode of the Escape series on June 14, this 8-episode adventure is eagerly awaited, and the audience is looking forward to the release of the remaining episodes. Engin Akyürek fans around the world have also taken over social media in recent weeks. This large community of people in different cultures closely follows Engin Akyürek’s messages about the series.

The famous actor made special statements for the program called Kamera Arkası broadcast on Fox TV. Mentioning that the story of the series began in a village outside the Turkish border, Engin Akyürek wrote this story in 2017 and years later, he was proud of being the first domestic production of Disney Plus.

The actor shared some information about the shooting environment. The village, which is described as cross-border, is actually in Gaziantep, and the shooting was also done in this city. Engin Akyürek stated that they spent a lot of time in this village where the story takes place, and said:

“The story actually begins in a village, in a village beyond the border. We spent a very long time in that village. That village has a story. There is what happened in that village. It was a 4 month shooting process. Like Mehmet, actually I, as Engin, lived that journey a little bit. We also changed on that journey. When we returned to our own home with what we experienced there, the experiences there also added something to us. I started to look at life from a slightly different place than the old Engin. Along with the power of this story and the change of the story there, I also experienced that change with Mehmet.”

The famous actor Engin Akyürek not only became the hero of the story he wrote years ago with these words, but also gained great experience after this story was converted into a digital series.

With great self-confidence, the actor admitted that the story also changed him and that, as Engin, he looked at life differently after the series Escape. With these words, Engin Akyürek expects his fans to watch the story from a different perspective and to remove some gains for their own lives from this series, just like him.

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