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4 July 2022 08:39


Pelin Karahan will play the comedy role for the first time in her career!

Famous actress Pelin Karahan will both take a vacation and take part in a movie during the summer. The actress has given successful performances on the screen and in the cinema with different projects recently. Pelin Karahan, who made both TV series and movies, also hosted a cooking show on television and experienced a first in her career by taking the theater stage.

Continuing to produce in many fields, the actress said that she agreed for a feature film in the summer. The actress, who is preparing to go on the set again with the movie Güven Bana (Trust Me), whose story is written and directed by Selçuk Aydemir, will make the audience laugh this time. The actress, who is eagerly awaited with hed new comedy movie, stated that this will be a first in her career.

The actress, who started her comedy performance with the theater play Surprised Me, has always been involved in drama projects in movies and TV series. The movie Güven Bana will also attract attention as Pelin Karahan’s first comedy test.

The famous actress said, “I always played drama. Comedy is another door for me. That’s why I’m very happy and curious.”

Stating that she grew up with Turkish films and that the famous names in those films had a great influence on her, Pelin Karahan talked about Perran Kutman and Adile Naşit. The actress said, “I also trust Selçuk Aydemir teacher a lot, I trust the team a lot. I think it will be enjoyable.”

The actress, who paints in the workshop she established on the roof of her house, stated that this relieved her.

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