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4 July 2022 09:11


Selim Bayraktar’s words revealed the big picture for digital TV series!

Selim Bayraktar attracted attention with the character of Alpagu Han, which he played in the TV series Destan (Epic). The famous actor had to leave the story he described as very successful. Selim Bayraktar, who appeared to have left the series in the first season finale, stunned everyone. Explaining that he left the series for special reasons, the actor did not want to give details.

Pointing to the importance of Disney Plus starting its broadcasts in Turkey on June 14, Selim Bayraktar thinks that digital projects are a great opportunity to explain this period to future generations.

Selim Bayraktar thinks that important information that many people may not care about, but that important information will be transferred to future generations through digital platforms. Here are the words of the actor:

“Of course it’s good to have competition. Much better things will come out. Actors should increase their skills to exist in this sector. Thus, the audience watches much more beautiful stories. We wish to convey pleasant stories 300-400 years from now.”

Stating that there are very talented actors in Turkey, Selim Bayraktar also stated that the Turkish TV series industry is unique in the world. The master actor, who attributed this to the fact that he had to work for long periods of time, said:

“We work very long hours. Here, there is a serious endurance process where you can develop a very serious improvisation, increase your endurance in the long term, and the potential to attract a lot of work in the short term. This makes the players in Turkey indispensable. Of course, in order to do business abroad, you need to know the language.”

Stating that the most important thing in this sector lies in finding a story, the actress added that there are many stories in these lands where there are 52 civilizations and it is important to reveal them.

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