Great interest in Caner Cindoruk, Volkan of the Unfaithful!
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3 December 2022 13:05


Great interest in Caner Cindoruk, Volkan of the Unfaithful!

Caner Cindoruk, who gave life to the character of Volkan in the TV series Unfaithful, which was meeting with the audience on Wednesday evenings on Kanal D screen, took a big storm in Spain. Our player drew attention with his interview in El Espanol, one of the important media organizations of the country.

Caner Cindoruk, who stormed the screens with his Unfaithful series, gave an interview to the EL Espanol newspaper of Spain. Cindoruk, who has a large fan base in Spain and was compared to George Clooney, also answered the unknown about him.

Caner Cindoruk, who is the winner every week with his TV series and has a huge fan base in Spain, gave an interview to EL Espanol newspaper. Caner Cindoruk said that what makes me happiest as an actor is to be watched and to convince the audience of the character I play.

Compared with George Clooney in Spain and his thoughts on this subject, Cindoruk said: “George Clooney is a very important player that I love very much. It is a nice feeling to be likened to it, of course, ”he said. He stated that he had not been to Spain before and wanted to visit him after the pandemic process to meet his fans.

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