A new era has started in The Innocents
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1 December 2022 12:23


A new era has started in The Innocents

The popular series of TRT1 screens, The Innocents, proceeds very successfully. The high performance of the series, which managed to reach the rating rates of 16, is dazzling. The outstanding performances of the leading actors also draw attention as a reflection of the quality of the production.

15 episodes of the series starring Ezgi Mola, Merve Dizdar, Birkan Sokullu and Farah Zeynep Abdullah have been left behind and in fact the signs of a new era were given in the last episode. What was this development? Safiye stopped her inner voice, the legacy of her mother, which had bind her for years and could not be silenced. Safiye’s change was not limited to this. Han and Gülben realized that their sisters were hiding a photo of Naci, their love of school.

Han and Gülben, who took steps to bring Safiye back to life, produced an excuse and confronted Naci and Safiye… The audience was excited when Safiye struggled with her mother’s ghost. Safiye, who silenced her mother’s dream, showed for the first time that she could no longer direct her life. With this scene, a big knot was actually resolved.

In order for Safiye to recover, first she had to get rid of her mother’s memory. She did that clearly, too. Safiye expressed her love for Naci by sticking the bird picture she drew on the glass.

These scenes were very meaningful to the TV fans. Now, this is the sign of the beginning of a new era in the series of Innocent Apartments.

In the magnificent performance of Ezgi Mola, the character of Safiye is inevitable to experience a great change in the upcoming episodes… It is also very curious what will happen and the audience is pulling the new episode with a rope.

Here is the biggest step Safiye took to change her life:

“Shut up now, just shut up.”

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