Great news for TubaBüyüküstün!
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27 November 2022 07:47


Great news for TubaBüyüküstün!

She was featured on TV for the last time in the ‘Brave and Beautiful’ series.

The actress, who did not take part in any sort of contest last season, joined many organizations abroad. She often met with fans in the Arab world.

Actress, who does not take part in a featured series and movies, has a love affair with operator UmutEvirgen after being divorced from OnurSaylak.

News about the marriage of the couple came to the agenda of the press from time to time, but has not yet got a step on the way to marriage.

Actress’s fans are excited to see her in the series.

Tuba has been given the proposal to play in a movie from Tokyo.

It is highly probable that she will take part in a new tv series.

She, who offered a lot of seasons last season, had not accepted these.

Apparently the actress is looking hot in a new lap.

The actress is currently in the process of reading the script she has been given to her.

If she likes and accepts the script, she will return to the screen again with her new series.

Now all the fans are waiting for the good news coming from the beautiful player.

TubaBüyüküstün volunteered to be on screen at the new moment.

We will share with you new series of news and developments coming from Büyüküstün in the coming period.

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