Series News Great song on drama series [The Pith]

Great song on drama series [The Pith]


The Pit is a Turkish Series about this town in Istanbul. This town is called “Pit” however can also be called “Kocova” as it is led by a man called IdrisKocovali. There are many issues in The Pit.

One of the main issues is the fact that Idris finds out he has another son from another women, he finds this out later on and doesn’t know that this son is his enemy, VartoluSadettin, also known as Salih. In this video it shows how Idris’ other son Yamaç finds out that Vartolu is his fathers’ son and also shows Vartolu’s loved one finding him after many years. He is her childhood love and has been brought up in Idris’ house. Many things happen throughout these series however I have only presented a snippet of what the series is about.

The Pit plays this song “Mihriban” in the series as it is the name of Vartolu’s mother who was killed by his step father when he was young.