Series News Turkey’s most-watched series in February 2018

Turkey’s most-watched series in February 2018


Turkey appeared in television reports of February 20.18

It is observed that the popularity of the historical and military series is beginning to increase.

The most talked-about column of February was the 358-issue Resurrection Ertugrul.

The Bandits were second with 297 news.

Lifeline 271 was third in the news

A Little Murder 236 was fourth in the news.

Wounded Love, 206 was fifth in news.

The Pith 178 was sixth in the news.

Bride of Istanbul 175 was seventh in the news.

Payitaht Abdulhamid became eighth in 166 news.

Do not Let The Kids Know It was ninth with 163 news.

Orphan Flowers 135 was the tenth in the news.