Series News The United Arab Emirates are dropping the Turkish tv serials

The United Arab Emirates are dropping the Turkish tv serials


Dubai-based MBC, one of the leading media groups in the Arabic language, has begun to stop showing the Turkish series in all its channels.

According to The National, an English newspaper published in the United Arab Emirates, the MBC has asked all channels in the world to send instructions to remove the Turkish serials until a second order.

According to the BBC Turkish news, “sudden” in the news that the reasons behind this decision are not yet known.

MBC Group Spokesperson Mazen Hayek confirmed his decision to The National, but he did not give any information about why or why it was taken.

Hayek said, “A decision has been taken to address some media groups to remove the Turkish serials from many Arab countries, including MBC.”

Hayek added that the decision was taken on Friday, March 2nd. The National News reported that six of them, including Wounded Love, were removed from the list.

MBC Spokesman Hayek emphasized that the decision could offer “the opportunity to create better quality Arabic sequences” for them. The MBC Group was established in 1991 as the first private television channel to broadcast in Arabic from London on satellite. MBC, which has its headquarters in Dubai in 2002, has 11 channels.

The shareholders of the company are not known, but they are members of the royal family of Saudi Arabia.