Artists News Greek series audiences admire Turkish artists!

Greek series audiences admire Turkish artists!


In television and youth magazines in Greece, there are mainly Turkish serials and private lives of Turkish artists.

A detail about Greece … They do not watch as dubbing as they do in other countries. They are watching the written text, which is why the natural voice is more realistic, except that it is a pleasant tone of Turkish language.

In a documentary about the Turkish series, the Greek woman’s words:

One day I came across a Turkish knot, and I saw that the man on the screen was very handsome. “I have a Turkish man on TV that looks like Brad Pitt, come quickly.” I said. The saint is “Turkish man and Brad Pitt, are you sure?” gave the answer. Since that day, we think that Turkish men are really handsome.

Brad Pitt and [Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ]