Artists News Hande Doğandemir tries to regenerate himself after leaving Mert Firat

Hande Doğandemir tries to regenerate himself after leaving Mert Firat


Hande Doğandemir, who ended up in love with Mert Firat with love, stuck him in his eyes. The player who took place in a detox center in Antalya entered the pool on the winter day.

Hande Doğandemir, who finished in the days when we passed the love of Mert Firat for 1 year, took an intense look to get through the separation pain.

Doğanemir, who entered the jealousy crisis on the news that he had close to Fırat’s co-worker Gökçe Bahadır, put the point of connection.

The beautiful actress, with the Euphrates, took the inevitable breath at a detox center in Antalya.

The center’s diary stayed in the luxury room of 260 euro  and enjoyed the pool in the middle of winter.

The 33-year-old player, who renewed his soul by doing yoga and meditation at a detox center that would get rid of his pounds, helped to clear the body from toxins with freshly squeezed vegetables, grass and wheat.

It is claimed that Euphat’s partner, Gokce Bahadır, has been promoting sincerity at the end of the relationship.

An uncompromising peaceful relationship between Doğandemir and the Euphrates ended in the days we passed.

Dogandemir, who is in a bad situation with his long pace, has also formulated for the title of the Lost Boys Club 2 title, which will take place next month.

An average of 10 thousand TL will be released for detoks camp of 1 week from the pocket of the beautiful player who is trying to get away from the pain of his love,