Artists News Hande Doğandemir’s new project will surprise her fans!

Hande Doğandemir’s new project will surprise her fans!


Famous actress Hande Doğandemir has created an impressive career with her TV series and movies. The famous actress, whom we watched with the character of Derin in the television series Hayat Bugün (Life Today), is known as one of the sought-after actresses of drama projects.

Hande Doğandemir, who has been unfortunate for the short duration of her serials recently, appeared before her fans on the stage with her theater play last season. The actress gave the message that she will continue the theater play called Crocodile Fire in the new season.

The famous actress also went on the set for a new movie. Hande Doğandemir, who played the leading role in the movie Yaren Leylek (Yaren Stork) with two influential names such as Buğra Gülsoy and Seçkin Özdemir, will take a role in a very special movie.

The actress, who is very excited about the project in which the story of the stork named Yaren and fisherman Adem will be brought to the cinema, said: “We will enter the set with a wonderful team, a wonderful cast, a wonderful director and a sweet script, I am very excited. I am in love with my job. On the one hand, there is the game, we will continue in the new season. I am in good spirits because I am a person who is happy while working.”

The film version of the story of the stork, with whom photographer Alper Tüydeş has been befriending fisherman Adem Yılmaz for 12 years, photographed in the Karacabey district of Bursa, is also expected to attract attention.

Recently, the crew of the film started shooting in Bursa. The movie is scheduled to meet the audience in November.

Onur Uzun was the director of the film, in which a fairy-tale friendship story will be told.