Hande Doğandemir's rock and roll style was admired!
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2 February 2023 20:23


Hande Doğandemir’s rock and roll style was admired!

Actress Hande Doğandemir came to the screen with the TV series Annemizi Saklarken, which was broadcast on Star TV. However, the series’ ending in a short time disappointed the fans of the actress.

Hande Doğamdemir successfully portrayed the mother character, which we are not accustomed to seeing on the screens, with the role of ‘Handan’, a mother with three children, in Annemizi Saklarken series.

After the finale of the series, the actress, who took a rest, sometimes satisfies her fans with her social media posts. The actress’s last post, in which she wrote “rock and roll until I die”, was showered with likes on her Instagram account, which has 2.5 million followers.

Fans who missed the actress left hundreds of comments under her photos. Many comments were made on the photos, such as ‘The most talented and beautiful actress I have ever seen’, ‘You are so beautiful’ and ‘I love you so much’.

Hande Doğandemir, who made a strong impression with her acting, was mentioned with the actress Onur Tuna a short time ago. In an interview she gave recently, Hande Doğandemir said that at this time of her life, love and marriage were not on her agenda.

“Obviously, people spend a lot of time thinking about love and marriage at some point in their life. They asks questions such as “Should it be?, What happens if it doesn’t?, What’s important?” At this stage of my life, I don’t think much about such matters. There’s no point in thinking either. I’m just letting it go.”

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