Series News Hande Erçel did not give a speech, Burak Deniz spoke clearly about the new series!

Hande Erçel did not give a speech, Burak Deniz spoke clearly about the new series!


The news that Hande Erçel and Burak Deniz will be in the lead roles in the new series named İki Yabancı (Two Strangers), which is considered for the next season, has been in the press and social media for a long time. The other day, Hande Erçel said in her statement that nothing has been clarified yet, without giving a name about the İki Yabancı series.

The actor stated in his interview that it was a project he talked to, but he continued to read the script and it was not clear. Apparently, Hande Erçel did not want to give details about the project. However, with the explanation of Burak Deniz, it turned out that things were going well in the series İki Yabancı.

It is understood that Burak Deniz and Hande Erçel will come together in the series İki Yabancı, which is expected to be one of the effective productions of the new season, and the details will emerge soon. In fact, it was stated by Burak Deniz that the preliminary studies had started and that the duo came together.

Burak Deniz, on the question of the reporters about the TV series İki Yabancı, said: “We have also started hot rehearsals. We also attended rehearsals at the venues. We are excited. Hande and I already know each other. We hope that this will reflect as a plus, we are excited, we are happy.”

With these words, Burak Deniz was the first to officially announce the start of the preparations for the series İki Yabancı. Despite Hande Erçel’s efforts to hide it, these words of Burak Deniz increased the excitement of the fans even more.

Two famous actors had previously come together in the lead role in the romantic comedy series Aşk Laftan Anlamaz, and this project, which lasted a total of 31 episodes in the 2016-2017 season, attracted great attention.

The first season of the Netflix series called Şahmaran was broadcast in January, and Burak Deniz predicted that the second season could also be seen with the audience in January.