Hande Soral joins the team of Bitter Lands
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25 March 2023 01:43


Hande Soral joins the team of Bitter Lands

It turned out that Hande Soral, who has not been involved in the TV series for a while, will be joining the cast of the Bitter Lands series, which continues to be filmed in Adana. There was a great mourning atmosphere in the series where Vahide Perçin, who played the Hünkar character, left due to health problems.

After the Hünkar character, there were also evaluations that the interest of the audience might decrease. In addition, the news that Uğur Güneş, who played the character of Yılmaz, would leave the series, added salt to all these developments.

The new news from the series was the harbinger of a new character. According to the backstage information of Birsen Altuntaş from TV100, Hande Soral joins the team with an influential character as one of the leading actors of the series.

Hande Soral, married to İsmail Demirci, who starred in the North Star series, will soon join the team in Adana. The married couple, who starred in different productions at two different ends of the country, will not see each other for a while.

The record holder of ATV’s Tims & B rating, Bitter Lands, continues to lock the audience on the screen in its third season.

It is stated that the new female character will have a role in connection with Demir Yaman.

After Nazan Kesal and Furkan Palalı, the third important name, who was transferred in the third season of the series, became clear as Hande Soral. New episodes are expected to be even more exciting.

Soral previously played the character of İlbilge Hatun in the series Ressurection Ertuğrul, which made the final in 2019. The actress has not been on the screen for 1.5 years.

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