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4 July 2022 03:24


Happy news came from Mesut Akusta! What was the first job of the master actor who came to himself?

Master actor Mesut Akusta, who played the character of “Mete” in the TV series “Teşkilat”, had a brain hemorrhage in his home in Ankara’s Çankaya district last week, and was taken to the hospital after the first intervention at home after his family informed the medical teams.

Akusta, who was taken into surgery, was taken to the intensive care room after the operation, which lasted for 3 hours, and was put to sleep as a precaution. Good news came from Akusta. The famous actor, who survived the difficult process, opened his eyes and his first job was to read a script!

Şafak Özbir, the wife of the actor, gave the good news with a photo she shared from his hospital room. Özbir wrote the following under the photo; It’s really crazy… Do you want to read screenplays as soon as you wake up? I do not know how many times I thank God, but it is enough; We pray for you, your family, your children and your loved ones. It brought back your dedication to life and your love for your work. May God not let him live again and heal whoever is.”

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