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16 May 2022 21:12


Has Pınar Deniz ever had plastic surgery? Here is the situation that bothers the famous actress!

Famous actress Pınar Deniz has been on the agenda since her portrayal of Yıldız character in the TV series Vatanım Sensin. The actress, whom we have watched in different projects in a row, showed her talents especially with the series Aşk 101.

Pınar Deniz, who started her partnership with Kaan Urgancıoğlu in the TV series Aşk 101 and continues with Yargı, is constantly on the agenda with her talents and beauty… The famous actress, who met Yiğit Kirazcı during the filming of the movie and started to have a love affair, is having a happy period both in her business life and in her private life. .

The condition of the actress, who also appeared to have contracted the coronavirus with her lover last week, is in good condition. Pınar Deniz joined Hakan Gence’s chat program on youtube with her partner from Hürriyet newspaper.

The subject came to aesthetics and Hakan Gence, who said that there is a perception that all actors should be like models, asked Pınar Deniz to interpret this situation.

Pınar Deniz satisfied the curiosity of those who were skeptical about this by saying, “I have no aesthetics”. The actress clearly explained that if she wants to have plastic surgery, she will do it without hesitation.

The actress, who came to the agenda of the magazine for a while and claimed to have aesthetics after the old photo of the actress and her new version were brought together, denied this.

Here is Pınar Deniz’s clearest statement on the subject of aesthetics: “It bothers me a little that this is done only by women. When a woman becomes popular, her old photo is brought together. She says, there is such a thing as face fit .. They brought together the photo from my first job where I played. I have no aesthetic. But if I want, I can do it. Leave the women who have plastic surgery alone. In general, leave women alone. Let them look how they want to look.”

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