Artists News Hazal Kaya is very famous and natural.

Hazal Kaya is very famous and natural.


Hazal Kaya, who met Tuvana Büyükçınar on her instagram, told how she can stay natural and realistic despite being very popular.

The actress explained this situation when starting the sector at an early age and always with her family. Explaining that sincerity and reality are very important to her, the actress said that the Turkish public is also very professional in this regard and can distinguish realistic projects from others.

Explaining that he has learned to step on it thanks to his mother, Hazal Kaya said: "He has never allowed me to fly to glory, fame, fly. I started very little. It was very important that someone had their feet on the ground. Now I understand."

Explaining that he is seeking a heart bond with people and communicating through the heart, Hazal Kaya stated that he emphasizes this in everything he does. Hazal Kaya explained that the search for a heart link is also reflected in people.